Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The first border

It's wet and cool in Tokyo, so I changed the background display to something 'rainy'.

There are several borders on my bias tape quilt.

On the first one I appliquéd a meandering pink tape. On top of that I made romb shaped straight stitches and in the centre of each romb I placed a sequin and a small seed bead. On the outer edge I added small detached chain stitches in lime green. I have now made a couple of quilting lines along the tape and in each inner valley I quilted a circle. 
Today's job is to add  floral sequins in those circles.

Another job for today is to ponder what to do with the new TAST stitch, which is Buttonhole wheel.


  1. Delightful boarder I think it is lovely..
    You have changed your page background your so good with the computer you will have to give me a lesson in "how too".
    Have a great week I may not blog this week as I am a little busy.

  2. Such detailed work and lovely as usual, I'm looking forward to seeing the whole.

  3. You always come up with such delightful embroideries. I love this.


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