Saturday, 9 June 2012

What to do during the rainy season

It's official! The rainy season has set in in the Tokyo area. Muggy, sticky, humid and wet, that is what the air will be like for at least a month.

So what is the best activity to do when you can't go out? Well, stay indoors and work away with needle and thread of course!

Right now I am quilting a crosshatch on my bias tape quilt. Before I show a detail of that, here is a shot of another of the floral petals edged with bias tape that I have bedecked with embroidery.                              

Now what can be seen here? We've got: Detached chain, Running, Closed Feather, Whipped running, V-stitch, Colonial knot, Scroll and Couching stitch


  1. beautiful colours. nice stitches. good work.


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