Wednesday, 22 September 2021

WIPW - Fillers

I am still working on just two things, so my Work In Progress report is on the same projects as last week. What progress have I made?

Log Cabin Challenge

I am now coming closer to the edges of the quilt so the quilting is easier to manage than the blocks in the middle.

18 blocks were quilts as can be seen in blue on the left of the graph. The thread is running low in the bobbin!

Sunday Stitch School Stitch Sampler

What I had intend to do last week, but had no time to do, I did this week. I added fillers to the paisley designs.

Inside the light purple paisleys on the right of the design are #157 Invented Stitch (Cross).

The paisleys in blue toned purple were filled with #4 Danish Knot Stitch.

All colours are so OFF, I wonder why. Is it the graphite grey wool I am stitching on that confuses the camera so?


  1. When I was student. I did stitching in class. Your stick is like the sample book you saw at that time.

  2. I think it is the background fabric making the threads look different. But, I love all the stitches.

  3. Nice progress! Hand quilting does take a lot of thread.

  4. The blocks are coming along well. Your use of these two simple stitches produced such an elegant pattern. They add more to the overall design.

  5. It might be the grey wool, yes. Try putting some bright colours of paper or fabric around the pattern, and cropping them out afterwards. You might have to experiment to find the right bright colour..


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