Thursday, 16 September 2021

What's In A Quilt - 18

 I recently completed my crazy quilt project Crazy for Crazy, and now want to write its history.

I have had so much to say about most of the other blocks. This one holds very few memories, and little of importance.
First of all, I got it in my head to make a white block. 
There were two problems: 1) I have very little white fabric. 2) What I had is too stark and puts the other blocks off balance, especially as this white block is placed in the top left corner, where it is an eye sore.

Anyway, I needed some colour for the stitches, and settled for orange.

Fabric? Well,  there is white chirimen silk on the right, in the corner on the left is a piece of quilter's cotton. The rest of the pieces come from a 'patchworker's pot luck pack'.
The central piece is lace from one of Mrs I's wedding dresses.
There is a lace ornament, in the form of a daisy, a gift from Australia. The cotton machine lace comes from Mum's sewing basket, underneath is a length of an orange satin ribbon from a box of chocolates. There are three white buttons salvaged from a shirt.
I stitched Buttonhole stitches around a ring, then attached the ring to the block and filled the void in the middle with white pearls from Auntie's collection, the orange beads used to belong to her, too.

I think it is a boring block, wish I had more to say. Never mind, maybe block 19 will entertain...?

This white block was made during the Covid19 'stay at home' drive. Started on Jan 6 and completed a month later, Mar 3, 2021.

Thank you to Auntie, Maureen, Mrs I, Mum's sewing basket, whoever gave me the charm pack of whites, and the person who gave me the box of chocolates, and of course, I have to apologise to my readers for such a boring block, and write-up.


  1. The orange was a good choice, it really pops against the white.

  2. This block is a real eye-catcher. I can hear it saying "Just look at me. I'm gorgeous". I love the curves of the Invented stitch with the orange French Knot between.

  3. I like your White and Orange block it adds to and compliments the other blocks.
    The three white buttons and embroidered vine with French Knots is beautiful.
    I also like the clusters of small orange beads, reminds me of salmon roe.

  4. I wouldn't call it a boring block, no apologies necessary.

  5. I agree with the others, not boring at all. Maybe you feel that way because of the association with anxiety, lockdown, and Covid?

  6. I didn't think the write up was boring. I love that you saved a ribbon from a box of chocolates as I do that too!

  7. I feel this block is pretty with it's lovely oranges contrasting against the white.

  8. It might be boring to you but actually it is a very visible block and highlights all the others beautifully


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