Monday, 6 September 2021

May I Suggest ... Monday?

Every Monday I want to promote blog reading. The names of blogs I like have been written on pieces of paper, and today I picked two slips of paper from my box.

This is one of the most well known websites for hand embroidery. This is no wonder, as Mary Corbet is THE ultimate authority on anything about needles and threads, and how to use them, where to get them, what to do with them... Her knowledge, skills and experience stretch much further than that. She blogs about other tools, including scissors, frames and hoops, lights, storage systems... and books. Yes, when it comes to book reviews it is a good idea to first read Mary Corbet's review, then consider getting the book or not. 
Mary Corbet seems to know all about embroidery, its history, styles and technique. She writes long articles, but with a humours touch, there is nothing heavy or 'academic' about them. 

Here you will also find a number of How To stitch videos, plenty of projects that you can follow or just enjoy looking at, then there are ebooks and kits to buy. From time to time there are Give Aways, too.

For me, the main reason for visiting Needle 'n Thread, though,  is to enjoy the beautiful embroideries of Mary Corbet. Her stitches are SO neat and even, her shading is SO beautiful, the embroideries have a special aura and are a delight to behold.

Like with so many other blogs, it is well worth reading the comments, too - and there are many who do comment. Advice and suggestions are abundant, Mary answered some of them, but other readers also join in the discussions. You can learn A LOT at Needle 'n Thread.
Don't miss this wonderful website!

I recently found this interesting Indian website. It contains a lot of videos for unusual embroidery stitches. These can also be watched on YouTube. I will eventually include some of them in Sunday Stitch School, probably one of the two-coloured stitches!

This blogger has a message: Don't copy or show the content, text, pictures and videos, without giving full credit to the website where you found it. 

As you know no one OWNS a stitch, it is important that we share stitches and have right to use them. However, I believe we should link back to the source where we found a stitch, instructions or a design, and never publish someone else's photographs or instructions and pretend they are our own creations.


  1. It's all too easy to copy content, and when you've put a lot of effort in it's galling to see someone else claim credit, so you can see their point!

  2. I've been a Needle-n-Thread follower for years --it just gets better and batter. I love the work on Let's learn Embroidery and agree wholeheartedly about mis-using the blog. I'll be following this one too. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Isn't it great to have a good reliable source of information! I really agree that giving credit where due is important ... especially in this age of copy and paste.

  4. I used to visit Mary's site a lot when I did a lot of embroidery. I'd like to get back into it but it always seems so untidy nowadays.

  5. Yes, Needle-N-Thread is a great resource for all things embroidery!


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