Sunday, 30 August 2020

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 144: Raised Daisy Stitch

Hello, it's Sunday and time for a new stitch, or should I say a new treatment of an old stitch.

Anyone who is familiar with Mary Corbet and her Needle n' Thread might have seen this new way of using Lazy Daisy, or Detached Chain Stitch. Read about Raising Up the Daisy Stitch by clicking on the link. Enjoy her clear pictures and the neat stitches.

Basically for this week's stitch you make a ring of many layers of Stem or Split Stitch, and over those you add Detached Chain Stitch.

My thinking is that you can just as well make a straight or curved line of padding and cover them with Detached Chain Stitch.

Here are my photo instructions for a circle.

Mark two circles on your fabric.

Work a circle of Stem Stitch (or Split Stitch)
inwards from the outer edge .

After you have filled the marked area,
build more stitches on top.
Try for a doughnut or lifebuoy shape.

Now place Lazy Daisy Stitch over 
the rounded shape.

First make North, South, East and West.
Then add the stitches in between.

Until you have something like this.

Mary Corbet added Straight Stitch to cover the gaps, and filled the void in the centre with  French Knots.

Play around with this shape here:


  1. Oh, yes, that works! A lovely raised effect, and I think it could make a curved line, too...

  2. I could see it working for an echinacea flower.

  3. Now that's a fun 3-D treatment!
    Lots of possibilities.

  4. Interesting raised Daisy. I am looking forward to seeing it in your hexagon crazy quilt!


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