Saturday, 25 January 2020

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2020 - Part 2 - Bags

There are many things to see at Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival.
Today I will share with you some of the bags entered in the contest.

 内田久美子*Kumiko Uchida

上野知佳子*Chikako Ueno
is a quilter with many skills. In this year's contest she had entered the bag below, a wall quilt and a framed quilt.

山下公喜子*Kukiko (?) Yamashita
made this unusual bag of very natural material (note the twig used as a handle).

 In this close-up photo you can see hexagon pieces of - BAGWORM skin!
 When in its caterpillar larvae stage the Bagworm Moth constructs its case out of silk, and it is the skin of these cases that have been used here. Read more here if you are interested in this moth.

The title of this bag is Desperate Cat,
and there might be a poor cat trapped inside, only the tail is hanging out. The bag itself seems to have two ears, a nose (snout?), and those two blue dots, are they eyes? Maybe we should ask the maker,
髙瀬美季子*Mikiko Takase

近藤容子*Yoko Kondo

 Slash quilting was more popular before, but you still see some quilts, or in this case, a bag.
岡﨑久枝*Hisae Okasaki made this one, but we couldn't figure out how the cables were made...

Is this a print that she layered, stitched the channels on and then cut?

Here is something very colourful, a bag made from Japanese silk.
Camelias, strawberries...
大前恵子*Keiko Ohmae

中村久美子*Kumiko Nakamura

 佐藤光子*Mitsuko Saito

Pupils at Japanese primary schools carry ransels of leather.
Traditionally boys had black and girls red bags. Recently there are many other colours to choose from. 
川上結子*Yuko Kawakami comes from the prefecture of Kumamoto, and used the prefecture's mascot, Kumamon, for her 'dream school bag'.
The charming bear won her third prize in the Bag Category.

Second prize went to 野村恵子*Keiko Nomura

If you liked the 'strawberry bag' you might like the 'cream cake bag' made up of tiny yo-yos (Suffolk Puffs) and areas of Slashed Quilt.
増森みよえ*Miyoe Masumori


Isadarena said...

Thank you Queenie for these photos :) I must admit that Keiko Ohmae's bag with strawberries and cameias is really impressive by her craftmanship. The other bag also are nice. I think you might spend a wonderful moment there with your friends.
Have a good night to take rest,

Rachel said...

Are those cables made of thread stitched over a template and then cut? It looks like a sort of velvety effect..

jacaranda said...

A selection of beautiful bags, thank you for showing us. said...

Interesting, funny [cat bag] and informative [Bagworm]. I'd not heard of a bagworm skin.

Janie said...

The camellia strawberry bag looks good enough to eat with whipped cream.
Thanks for sharing your photos of beautiful bags.

carorose said...

Great selection of bags all of them are interesting. I love that use of the badworm skin. Sometimes people use cane toad skins in bags here.

Julie Fukuda said...

You really got some good pictures of those bags in such a crowded display. A number of those quilters enter a new bag every year. I wonder which one they decide to carry. In my book, the one you made with circles is the biggest winner.

Pamela said...

I love seeing the bag category!