Sunday, 19 January 2020

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 120: Magic Split Stitch

Welcome to more magic at Sunday Stitch School.

As I promised, this week we will focus on a variation of previous week's Alternating Magic Split Stitch,  the 'un-alternating' version, which I call Magic Split Stitch.

Updated: Mattia says she would call this stitch Point Fendu Magique in French.

As always with stitches I make names for, if you know its real name, please leave a comment and I will adjust.

I actually explored this stitch 2012 and blogged about it here.

You start in the same way as #119, with two threads of different colour in your needle.

Take a Back Stitch between the two threads, 'splitting' them.

From here on is the difference,
you keep the colours in place when you make a new stitch.
Make sure you come out inside the previous stitch.

and you get Magic Split Stitch.
Something that looks like two mirrored lines of Stem Stitch.
Neat, wouldn't you say?
As well as easy!

Work some lines on these samplers.


Pamela said...

I like this side by side color stitch.

Rachel said...

ooh, I wonder what I can do with this.....!

Anonymous said...

En français ce point s'appelle :
Point fendu
Je dirais point fendu magique

Janie said...

Yes, this stitch is unique and attractive, it looks like a braid.
Good choice.