Sunday, 27 January 2019

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 87: Open Wave Stitch

Hello, here is a nice filling stitch for you - Open Wave Stitch.

Make double, short, straight and vertical stitches.
Then come out of the fabric to the right below
Lace the short stitches without biting any of the fabric, but anchor the stitch at the bottom. Continue to the end of the line. Then

come out at the left below and continue lacing.

Make as many stitches as you need to fill in the selected area.

Use the stitches on these three pieces


Janie said...

Open Wave looks like it has lacy possibilities.
And yes, a good filler/texture stitch.

Rachel said...

It does result in a lovely, lacey effect. Very useful at times!

carorose said...

Makes a nice edge.

Pamela said...

Another "new to me" stitch. You are right, a great filling stitch.