Sunday 11 February 2024

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 279: Spinal Double Stitch

Today you are in for a complex wrapped stitch which I found on Rosalie Wakefield's Millefiori's blogpost of Brazilian stitches. She calls it Spinal Double Stitch and you can see her instructions here.

Make it like this:

Start with a Bullion Knot.

Flank the Bullion Knot with 
Cast On Stitch, one on each side.
Change to a different colour.

Remember to remove the thread 
from the needle.
Then stab the needle into the
fabric with the eye up.

Cast on. 

When you have cast on enough 
loops to be slightly longer than 
the Bullion, rethread the needle
and pull it through the loops.

Anchor the Cast Ons at the other
end of the Bullion.

Repeat on the other side.

Now you have a stitch that is rather
nice in itself, don't you think?

Next step is to lace the Cast Ons

Voila! A wormy stitch!

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Pamela said...

This one does look a little labor intensive. I’m not good with bullion knots. Maybe I need more practice.

Angela said...

I love the dimensional stitches. I would not lace them together. It does look like a worm!

Rachel said...

Now that's an interesting one. Very textural. For seeds and fruits, maybe?

Janie said...

Another unique jewel to add to the others!
Your Reversed Palestrina Stitch in different colors and weights of threads on your samplers looks wonderful too.

Toki said...

Look like surgical sutures. If you are a surgeon, you are a genius suturing surgeon.