Sunday, 15 May 2022

Sunday Stitch School - Revision: Stitches 206 - 210

Time to look back at the five most recent stitches and then make a Sunbonnet Sue sampler.

Click on the title to get the instructions.

206 Rapid Stitch

Great on Canvas, but can also be used for individual stitches

This really is a great stitch to strengthen and/or adorn an edge, even a raw and fraying one.

I have used this stitch on endless projects, yet for years I failed to add it to the Sunday Stitch School's collection. Why, I wonder...
This is such a pretty stitch. Play around with different thread!

I called this cheating, because it is so easy just to double the stitch. 
Actually I should  say it is well within 'legal limits' of what we can do to a stitch, in my opinion anyway. Or is there a stitch police out there who disagrees?
After all a Berry Stitch is just a doubling of a Lazy Daisy Stitch, isn't it? We really should be able to do a 'Padded' Running Stitch, Fly Stitch, Wheatear Stitch... Indeed any stitch could be 'padded'!

Here is another stitch that should have been introduced LONG ago. 
Dear Closed Fly Stitch, please accept my apologises for keeping you in the shadow for such a long time. Please come out and SHINE!

Let Sunbonnet Sue show off these five stitches as best she can.



  1. Every time it is a mystery! What will Sue do?

  2. I am also a mystery.
    How are sue doing?

  3. It's astonishing to find a stitch that has been overlooked, but then, the delight of finding that it's another one to play with...!

  4. More adventures for Sue....

  5. Sue's posts are always so interesting. I wish I could find someone who would post for me with such an fascinating life!


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