Friday, 13 May 2022

Friday Homework for Lesson 210: Closed Fly Stitch

It is nice to have Closed Fly Stitch added to the collection of stitches at Sunday Stitch School. I have used this stitch so often I had taken for grated it was already covered! 

They say you can't see the woods for all the trees, well obviously you can't see the individual stitch in a large collection either.

Aida Sampler

This is a stitch you can twist and tweak a lot.

Sunday Stitch School Reference Chart

Mottled Wool Sampler


  1. Nice samples! This is a useful stitch.

  2. It would be good for leaves on a wind blown tree

  3. Sample excellence! I like the Aida sample especially because you show the different possibilities with this stitch. A very useful stitch indeed.

  4. Goodness, I would have thought you'd done it long since! Good to se it now!

  5. Very pretty! Love all the colours too!


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