Wednesday, 11 May 2022

WIPW - Stitching Completed

Phew! At last I have a stitching completion to report on Work In Progress Wednesday.

Velveteen Cushion

Yes, I have finally completed the embroidery of both sides of the Velveteen Cushion. 

It had been my intention to have the work done by the end of January, and what is it now? Middle of May!!! Am I such a slow worker? Or has it been so fun to just add more and more details? I want to think it is the latter reason it has taken this long.

Now what remains is of course the construction - to join the front and the back, to add a zipper and find a filling for the cushion. I wonder how long that will take?

The last of the twigs with Closed Fly Stitch were done.

So here is the front.

This is the back, or should this be the front?

Sunday Stitch School Stitch Sampler

The circles appliquéd last week have now been decorated with embroidery.
#202 Fly Stitch with Twisted Ties in pink, #205 Glove Stitch in yellow and some more of #208 Star Filling Stitch (purple and pink) were used.


  1. Well done! The cushion is gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful finish. I always admire the way you use the embroidery stitches. I stand along with you regarding the front side. Nice sampler.

  3. I think I would pick the back for the front of the cushion.

  4. Absolutely beautiful - front and back!

  5. It's a tricky decision deciding which should be the back and which the front. It seems a real pity to hide one of those sides. I'd be tempted to make two cushions.

  6. Congratulations on your finish! Your design and stitches are beautiful. And the fabric looks delicious. Is this your design? Very nice.

  7. If you put in a concealed zipper on the bottom edge the cushion could have either side as the front. It is so lovely I think I would be using both sides.

  8. I think you just kept on adding things to the cushion, didn't you? It has turned out beautifully, though!

  9. 'Sumptuous' comes to mind when I see both sides of your unique cushion. Why not use both sides alternately. The time taken was worth every minute.


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