Wednesday, 8 December 2021

WIPW - Angelina

Welcome to another Work In Progress Wednesday report.

Log Cabin Challenge 

I have quilted the three last horisontal rows and then five of the longer vertical ones. Nine left... 

I am rather pleased with the result, even the back is attractive with the little glint of gold thread.

Sunday Stitch School Stitch Sampler

Reading blogs will give you inspiration and information, but it will also remind you of what you have in your stock. 

I was reading how Angela of Princess Bubbles Creates was using Angelina, and that made me think of my stock of these synthetic fibres. They have been slumbering in a cabinet and as soon as I pulled open the drawer they were in, they called out: 

'Wrap us in baking parchment, warm us up with an iron, flatten us, make us into useful fabric, put us on the Sunday Stitch School Sampler. '

Of course I had to obey!

I cut out drop shaped pieces and attached them with various stitches from the Blanket/Buttonhole family.

#66 Berwick Stitch

#194 Magic Blanket Stitch

#134 Slanted Buttonhole Stitch

#167 Fringed Buttonhole Stitch


  1. You remind me that I have Angelina fibre somewhere, and I've never managed to do anything with it. Time to have a go! (First find it, of course!)

  2. Angelina, that's my newest grand daughter's middle name!
    The four hearts are filled and surrounded with unique and exciting embellishment!
    And your Log Cabin challenge is so close to being done and gorgeous.

  3. The Log Cabin looks sumptuous with the gold and blue stitching. The Angelina fibre makes a good background for stitches. I can see the Fringed Buttonhole as hair on an Angelina circle.

  4. The quilt looks very nice. I’ve not used the Angelina fiber before.

  5. I used to have angelina, maybe I still have somewhere.

  6. It is so cool how the Angelina fibres idea is spreading! I love what you did with yours.


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