Wednesday, 1 December 2021

WIPW - 2nd Bobbin of Gold

This is a Work In Progress Wednesday report on 

Log Cabin Challenge

I am now on my second bobbin of Gold metallic thread.

13 new rows were quilted with Herringbone Stitch. Three rows left. Then there are the 14 vertical columns.

Sunday Stitch School Stitch Sampler

Do you remember the group of four hearts that sprouted leaves from its centre? There is more growth from the same place:

#75 Maidenhair Stitch and #130 Antwerp Edging Stitch


  1. It is always to satisfying to see the progress you are making on these two!

  2. Beautiful additions Queenie! The Maidenhair stitch is gorgeous and the Antwerp edging reminds me of Coral Stitch.
    And great progress with the metallic thread.

  3. Lots of progress this week. The gold thread makes the quilt sparkle.

  4. Lovely stitch extensions on your hearts. You are well on the way with your quilt. I imagine quilting the centre parts will be more difficult to manage.

  5. Great progress. Maidenhair stitch looks apt for leaves.

  6. You just keep making steady progress on these pieces and they are beautiful.

  7. Your log cabin is fabulous. My Mom made me a log cabin quilt many years ago and it needs repair. I might consider doing the repair with some beautiful stitches like you are using.

  8. You’ve got a beautiful garden growing in your embroidery hoop!


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