Wednesday, 26 February 2020

WIPW - A Greeting Card

Staying indoors, rejecting all social events and gatherings in the wake of the Corona virus outbreak, I have the following to report for Work In Progress Wednesday.

Tvistsöm Cushion
Now completed row #38.

Freeform Embroidery
Two stitches were added: Spiked Knotted Cable Chain Stitch and Vandyke Stitch.

Greeting Card
I made a modern greeting cards out of scraps of felt.


Pamela said...

Nice progress. If the virus continues, you will have all your projects finished quickly. There are so many cancellations.

carorose said...

Great card.
I think we are all worried about this virus. Even though there has been no transmission of the virus here and travellers who have been identified have been isolated, everyone is still worried. We are now getting messages to have 14 days food stored just in case.

Rachel said...

I suppose as long as you have plenty to eat, you will be able to settle quietly and make a lot of progress on your projects!

Janie said...

Good progress Queenie. I like the modern embroidery/design on the greeting card.
And yes, this is flu season so staying away from crowds if possible is probably for the best.

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

You have such an artistic eye - lovely card. Yes, I am in the same boat. I have gotten in plenty of food and sundries "just in case." David's company has asked employees to work from home as much as possible the next two weeks. And we are trying to stay off crowded trains for sure! I'm a homebody at heart and I appreciate the extra time to focus on quilting, but I don't like the underlying anxiety that comes with it!

crazyQstitcher said...

I hope Everyone is safe from the coronavirus flu and remains that way.

You have used your quiet time well, Queenie. The Tvistsöm Cushion is wider and the Spiked Knotted Chain is so neatly curved on the Freeform.
The felt work card is lovely. Something 'simple' can often be seen to advantage.

Tanya said...

Beautiful! Your freeform embroidery is getting very elaborate!

How much to limit our activities... So far there is only one case of the Corona virus in Tochigi but people are coming out less and less...

Julie Fukuda said...

I thought life would quiet down as I got older, but after spending so much time with things being cancelled, I'm going a bit stir-crazy. At least you are making good use ob the time.