Wednesday, 18 September 2019

WIPW - Launching Circles and Tvistsöm Cushion

This week Work In Progress Wednesday is featuring four things:

Freeform Embroidery
Here I have worked several of the Fly Stitch varieties.
From the left, Reversed Fly Stitch, (previously worked Fly Stitch), Double Fly Stitch and Twisted Fly Stitch.
Other 'flies' will be added next week.

EXTRA! A New Sunday Stitch School Reference Chart
had to be made as the previous one was full.
Here I have another 54 squares, and as you can see the first space is already filled with #107 Tvistsöm - Vertical and Diagonal (part of my homework report for Friday).
If I can fill every square on this ref chart I will have a total of 160 stitches in my Sunday Stitch School collection.
So sometime at the end of 2020, if I can keep up the work, this chart will be full...

NEW! Circles
For the last three years, when I have met my friends Julie and Tanya in Tokyo Dome at the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival in January we have set ourselves a challenge. The first was Mola, the second was Cathedral Windows.
I made these bags that double as cushion covers:

 Cathedral Windows (front)

Cathedral Windows (back)

The challenge for next January is Circles. Julie and Tanya are already done, but I have only just started.
I guess the bag/cushion cover I have started on will resemble the Cathedral Windows pattern as I am using a method called Japanese Folded Patchwork.

The parts are made up of circles and squares, and I have cut out a number of green circles, made a line of Running Stitch along the circle. I will place the smaller round cardboard card inside, pull the thread to gather it around the card, press it with a hot iron, insert some pink squares, fold over and have a square with curves. Together these squares will form circles...

For the back I will use this print I found in the UK. Some of the inserted squares will be made up of Indian brocade, fancy dress fabric with machine embroidery and sequins, and other scraps of pink.

NEW! Tvistsöm Cushion
I have fallen so in love with Tvistsöm that I want to make a cushion. I started copying the star pattern on my existing cushion, and will create a new pattern.

Considering it is still too hot and humid for my liking, I think I have had a good week.


  1. I love your cushion as well are you going to work it in wool?

  2. Yep, I'd say that was a very productive week. I think the heat and humidity are turning my brain to mush, so I'm glad to see you are working through it.

  3. Well done this week! I can hardly wait to see more of the Japanese folded patchwork.

  4. Absolutely, a very good week!

  5. Ooh! Exciting to see your Circle project started! You sure are following through with all those circles and I am impressed at your planning so carefully! My projects always just sort of fall together... I'm looking forward to watching your progress!

  6. Gud progresses. Mola and cathedral windows r lovely. I love the colors. Looking forward to see the circles.

  7. your free form embroidery is progressing very well. so there are 160 SSS stitches? great, and it will be greater if I could catch up.i loved your mola and cathedral window bag/ quilts. Japanese folded patch work seems very interesting too. good work on long armed cross stitch cushion designing. good progress indeed.


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