Sunday, 28 October 2018

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 78: Interlaced Chain Stitch

We have got an invitation to another wedding this week. It is between Mr Inter Laced and Ms Chain Stitch.

Yes, this week's stitch is made up of two threads, or even three!

Mattia tells me the French name is: Point De Chainette Interlacé

First you make a line of Chain Stitch.

Then change to another thread and come out at the top.
Go under the second link in the Chain Stitch, without biting the fabric.
The needle goes from outside, into the stitch (right to left).

Now turn the needle and go from left to right in the first link.


At the end of the line, anchor the stitch

and come out very close by.
Now work in the same way from down to up.

Anchor at the top.

You can fix the outer loops with a stab stitch - the newlyweds will pledge to stay together forever.

Or use a different thread - now who is the third person who would keep the couple together? The child?

Mary Corbet of Needle 'n Thread has a tutorial with very clear photographs. Her neat stitching is a delight to see, check out the even tension.

Add stitches to these three pieces.


Shami Immanuel said...

Nice stitch. Beautiful narration. Loved it.

Rachel said...

This one is useful because it produces a lovely broad, textured line, and it should take curves reasonably well, too, being based on chain stitch...

Janie said...

Your interlaced chain stitch is beautifully done!
A fine marriage.
I like the photo of your three pieces together, nice work.

Pamela said...

Great stitch! I think it would be perfect for a seam or the beginning for adding additional stitches.

crazyQstitcher said...

The blue is a veritable garden of flowers. Aida and the plain cloth both show lovely examples.
I'm sure I've not seen the loose interlacing before,just whipping. Mary's versions are great.

Linda Calverley said...

I could see myself getting tied up in knots with this one.

Anonymous said...

avec un peu de retard, je vous fais parvenir le nom français de ce point :
- 78 - point de chainette interlacé

Queeniepatch said...

Here is a translation of Mattia's comment:
with a little delay, I send you the French name of this point:
- 78 - chain stitch interlaced
Thank you

and my reply:
Thank you for giving me this information. I will update the blog post