Wednesday, 30 November 2022

WIPW - Stars

December is just around the corner and I thought it was high time to stitch some stars. My Work In Progress Wednesday report, therefore, contains two star stitches on the 

Sunday Stitch School Stitch Sampler 

#136 Tied Windmill Stitch is one of them, here seen on the left in yellow and purple.

To the right, there is a sprinkling of #150 Celestial Eyelet Stitch in variegated pale blue and purple thread.


Here I have been adding more straight lines. Last week I showed Palestrina Stitch in grey radiating outward from the appliquéd circle (on the right in the picture below).

This week I used #232 Romanian Macrame (Flower) Stitch (to the left) stretching out from the centre in a similar way.

The two stitches are so alike in looks!

I like how the Romanian Macrame (Flower) Stitch stands up on the fabric. You could almost think they were beads! Look at the shadow underneath.


  1. Stars and Pom poms, very celebratory. Good progress on your Mandala stitching.

  2. The stars are very nice, and you are right, the two lines of stitches on the mandala do look very much alike.

  3. That is an interesting stitch the way it stands up from the fabric.

  4. Shadows bring every to life, small stitch or large building!

  5. You are getting a lot more done than I am!


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