Sunday, 27 November 2022

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 234: Fancy Brick Stitch

 It is time for another Canvas stitch, and once again I have picked one from the collection at the Badasscrossstitch blog. The stitch is called Fancy Brick Stitch and is worked like this:

The green and blue stitches use four holes,
the red three holes.

Begin with the stitches at the top.
Make a column of three stitches using four holes.

Move to the right and make another column.

Continue until you have filled your area, 
or the 'block' you want to make.

Next use Running Stitch to make a
line of horizontal stitches (using four
holes) underneath the columns. 
Notice the placement.

Make a similar set on the return

It is now time for the vertical 
stitches. Use Upright Straight Stitch 
to make two stitches between the 
light green ones.

Observe that you have to 'dig' underneath
the longer green stitches.

Finally, make another set of columns
similar to the ones at the top.

Here is your block.


How about using only one colour?

Or two colours?

Fill in a block on the Canvas sampler, 
as well as these three:


  1. This stitch looks interesting.

  2. The two colour version is interesting!

  3. It does make a very interesting brick pattern. Like one of those inset patterns you see on some Arts and Crafts buildings in the UK.

  4. I like yout Brick Stitch, very useful. And I like what you've done with Romanian Macrame Petal Stitch on your samples, lovely.


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