Friday 25 November 2022

Friday Homework for Lesson 233: Romanian Macrame Petal Stitch

Well actually this is not a stitch in itself, but a combination. The edge of the petal is made up of #232 Romanian Macrame (Flower) Stitch, which we learned last week.  I like that part very much. Using that linear stitch on a curve is OK on plain weave fabric, but it looks horrid on Aida, as you will see below.

Stretching the warp stitches must be done with care or they will either sag or pull the fabric too tight. I was also reminded that to make nice weaving you need an even number of warp threads, 6, 8, 10, 12 etc and not 7 or 9!

However, you can weave in different ways, over and under the warp. Another way of 'weaving' is of course whipping each of the warp. Then you get a bulkier look.

Aida Sampler

See how pretty the straight line of Romanian Macrame (Flower) Stitch (top of picture) is compared to the curvy one used as the edge of the petal. Aida is NOT always an easy weave to work on!

Sunday Stitch School Reference Chart

I think it looks good in two colours.

Mottled Wool Scribble Cloth

It is difficult to mark an outline on this fabric so I used a paper template to stitch the shape of the petal.


  1. Clever to use a paper template on the dark fabric! This petal is a nice combo of stitches, the weaving part reminds me of kamal kadai.

  2. I do like this one! (the comment section doesn't recognize me today).

  3. That stitch is so striking on the mottled wool cloth in deep orange. Very artistic!!

  4. The paper template was a good solution.

  5. The template was an inspiration!


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