Wednesday, 14 October 2020

WIPW - Cushion and CQ Block Completed

 Welcome to my Work In Progress Wednesday progress report.

Freeform Embroidery

I added the following stitches: Anundsjö, Norwich, Holbein, Chinese Cross and Puffy Couching.

Tvistsöm Cushion

I am working on the 67th row.

Crazy for Crazy
To spiff up the black, gray and silver of this block I added a little bit of red. 
Although this block is not as overloaded with decorations, stitches and 'bling' as some of the others, I consider it finished.
Maybe that is good or it might be bad. Well, I can always add more if need be once all the blocks have been made and I can see them together.
Next week I will have started on the next block, teal and gold.

Log Cabin Challenge
Ten more blocks were made for the quilt, total count is 270 blocks.

I assembled the flimsy to make a cushion. After having searched high and low in my stash I found a nice pice of fabric in the right shade. I did not however have a zipper at home, so instead of adding this kind of opening/closing I decided on the overlapping slit method.

Furthermore I made an inner cushion but had no wadding to stuff it with, so temporarily I folded some fat towels. These will serve as filling until I have bought the wadding.

Anyway here is the embroidered log cabin cushion taking a nap on the bed.

I am very pleased with it and the fact that I was able to use so many different stitches. A true sampler!


  1. I love your cushion. Well done!

  2. Your cushion is gorgeous! I’m very impressed with it.

  3. Congratulations on your cushion finish, very beautiful. I liked reading about your make do problem solving process.
    Your CQ square and newest row on the 'T' cushion are looking fabulous.
    The Puffy Couch stitch is playful with lots of texture.

  4. Your cushion and all the stitching you did on it is wonderful, well done.

  5. Wonderful stitch designs on the cushion and soothing tones. I doubt there would be many, or any at all, similar to your creation. A real Eyecatcher. You have been busy with all your beautiful projects.

  6. An ingenious finish for the cushion - and yes, with that splendid bit of bead weaving, the block probably doesn't need too much extra embellishment..

  7. Wow, what a wonderful finish. I think you have as many different stitches as I have crazy Coronaville houses. It will be a great reminder of this year. The log cabin blocks seem so happy to show them off too.

  8. BRAVO! Your cushion is wonderful! We need a video sweeping across all the stitches in your lovely creation. It is just beautiful!


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