Sunday, 4 October 2020

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 148: Zig-zag Petal Stitch

Welcome to meet another great stitch, the Zig-zag Petal Stitch. It is a nice combination of slanted Stem  Stitch and Lazy Daisy Stitch. It is included in Edith John's Creative Stitches, but I came across it at Maggie's Textiles, and have with the aid of Rachel of Virtuosew Adventures confirmed the instructions.

Begin with a Lazy Daisy Stitch.

Anchor it and come up where you started.

Take a slanted Stem Stitch, pointing upwards
and coming out in the middle.

There, plant another Lazy Daisy Stitch, pointing in 
the other direction.
Anchor it and come out at the starting point as before.

Make another Stem Stitch, this time
slanting downwards, come out where 
you touch the first Stem Stitch.

Make the third Lazy Daisy Stitch,

and continue in the same way.

You can of course change the size or 
the angle of the Lazy Daisy Stitch.



  1. The variations make this a very versatile stitch.

  2. It's an intriguing stitch. I'm thinking of ways to use it!

  3. I've seen that stitch before and I think it makes an excellent border.
    Nice tutorial.

  4. Hearing about this stitch for the first time. Nice one. It will look good for border or neckline with a bead inside. Thanks for the tutorial.


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