Friday, 16 October 2020

Friday Homework for Lesson 149: German Knotted Braid Stitch

 Wonderful, addictive and SO attractive!

Aida Sampler
Neat and tidy.

Teal Wool Tailoring Scribble Cloth

Wild free form.

Sunday Stitch School Reference Chart
Vary the length of the base bar for fun.

In brown it looks like a team of cloves have escaped the spice rack and gone conga dancing.


  1. I agree, this is very attractive.

  2. An easy stitch. Nice sample on the Aida and fun on the scribble cloth. What a difference the various thread thickness makes to the stitch.

  3. I love the image of cloves dancing a conga!

  4. It looks like you had fun with this stitch!

  5. They really DO look like cloves!


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