Sunday, 1 December 2019

Sunday Stitch School - Revision: Stitches 111 - 115

Welcome to Sunday Stitch School. It is time to look back on the last five stitches we have learned and revise them.
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111 E Laced Edging
This is a very pretty stitch. As well as charming, it is easy to make.

However, its original name evoked strong feelings ('slur for inuit people'). I have shortened the name of the stitch and just kept the initial letter, as 'E' can stand for anything beginning with E, like Embroidery or Energetic, Easy or Elegant....

Anyway, this is what it looks like.

Perfect for making leaves! Quick and easy to make.

113 Knotted Chain Stitch
It was lovely to find another member of the Chain family.
Better work this stitch with a thread of good twist, like Perle.

114 Ship's Ladder Stitch
This stitch looks so easy, but was tricky to get even. Better stitch on counted weave.

I have been wondering about its name. Who would manage to climb onboard a ship on a ladder like this? A very skilled pilot? Was this ladder invented to trick pirates into sliding off the rungs and never be able to plunder the ship?
Actually I think the Ship's Ladder Stitch ought to be called 'Ship's Mast Stitch', don't you?

This is an easy and fun way to make butterflies, or other winged creatures.

Let Sunbonnet Sue come out to play.


Julie Fukuda said...

Looking forward to seeing what Sue has to play with...

crazyQstitcher said...

So good to see the earlier stitches again. I like the E stitch- the 2nd version looks great-makes me think of a sea creature or makings of an eye mask.
The Ship's Ladder was not easy for me. I agree about the re-naming.
I must remember to try a second colour for my winged creatures. I like yours.
Now looking forward to Sue's next appearance.

Pamela said...

You tease us each time, having us wondering and guessing what Sue will be up to! I don't know what she can be doing with these stitches.

Rachel said...

I am very intrigued to see how Sue turns out this time!