Sunday, 10 November 2019

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 113: Knotted Chain Stitch

It's Sunday again, and today we have a morning lesson here at Sunday Stitch School.

The stitch today is a member of the Chain Family, who like so many others has married into the Knot Family.

It is easy to confuse the Knotted Chain Stitch with French Knotted Chain Stitch, (Sunday Stitch School #63),  which is a true combination of a French Knot and a Chain Stitch.

Neither is today's stitch to be confused with Knotted Cable Chain Stitch, which was one of the TAST stitches on Sharon Boggon's Pintangle. Both the working and the  result are different, though.

Mattia has supplied me with the French name: point de chainette noué.
Thanks Mattia.

I found the Knotted Chain Stitch on Mary Corbet's Needle 'n Thread. Her instructions are as always clear and well worth checking out.

However, I have made my own:

The important thing is to make this loop.

either by wrapping the thread around your finger, which is Mary Corbet's way,

or around the needle, a method I like better.
Place the needle on top of the thread, 

then twist the thread so it goes underneath, like you can see in the picture.

Anchor the needle next to where the thread came out.

Tighten the thread into a knot around the needle.

Pivot the needle to make the first Knot and the first Chain Stitch.
Make sure to keep the thread to the right of the needle.
Pull through.

Make a new loop, 
tighten it into a knot,

Then make the second Chain Stitch

Continue until you have a nice line of Knotted Chain stitches.

Work Knotted Chain Stitch on these three samplers


Pamela said...

Nice instructions. Do you have a favorite of these knot-chain stitches?

FlashinScissors said...

Oooh! I’m off to try this out, now!
Your sample stitches look so pretty and those leaves are soooo neat!
Thank you for sharing.
Wishing you a happy rest of the weekend!
Barbara xx

Anonymous said...

le nom français de ce point est :
- point de chainette noué
Bonne semaine

Rachel said...

It's a lovely, textural stitch, isn't it! said...

I could see myself getting all knotted up with that stitch.

Anonymous said...

A great stitch.