Friday, 2 November 2018

Friday Homework for Lesson 78: Interlaced Chain Stitch

I've done my homework.

It was breeding a worm, isn't it?

 Doesn't this curved version of Interlaced Chain Stitch look just like a fat worm?

On the Sunday Stitch Reference Chart
you can clearly see the difference between lacing the dark chain with light thread and the opposit.
The laced loops are anchored with brown thread on the curved seam, but not on the straight seam. 
Although the instructions called for anchoring, I think I like the un-achored version better.

Aida Sampler
which is also un-anchored.


Rachel said...

It does create a lovely heavy line, which can be very useful indeed!

crazyQstitcher said...

Lovely samples, clearly defined.
Mine are bulky and I'll have to try again with perhaps, thick and thin threads to see if I did them correctly.

Pamela said...

Beautiful samples. This works well with straight or curve.

Stitching Lady said...

Love those worms - nice samples!

Janie said...

They do look like caterpillars.
Nice stitching.