Thursday, 15 November 2018

WIPW - Sidetracked

Oh, how quickly Wednesday turns up again!
Since last week I have been busy and my projects were sidetracked by other things. Then before I had time to publish this blog post, someone got ill, and now it is already Thursday.
Not so much to show for Work In Progress (Wednesday) Thursday.

Crazy for Crazy
I just added a few beads.

Cathedral Windows
I inserted six more pieces and now have a total of 18 completed.

Stumpwork Portrait
I have been working on a new stumpwork portrait. Here is a peek view.

While I made the labels, with numbers and names, for the Sunday Stitch Schools Reference Chart last week, I also made a set of new labels to iron onto my projects. This is now on the back of my stumpwork portrait.


  1. I agree, the time passes quickly! Your windows are looking wonderful!

  2. Sometimes life just gets in the way. Come on, is an eye-full all we get to see?

  3. Life certainly has a trick of running away from us! I'm sure things will calm down at some point...

  4. Great close up of your crazy block, the beads are just right!
    And your CWs are looking wonderful, nice hand stitching.
    Yes, this week flew by, I agree.

  5. The gold beads enhance the motif and hexie. When all the blocks are together the variety will be fabulous.
    I'm not sure if we are viewing that eye or it has it's eagle eye on us.
    The CW has grown a lot, considering you have been busy elsewhere. I like your labels.

  6. You are getting so much done! I love your embroidery piece with the new beads. The leaves are exquisite!


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