Wednesday, 7 November 2018

WIPW - Reference Charts Updated

I have made a lot of progress this week, but not all is craft-related.

The sewing machine has been hard at it, making small covers for medical equipment, a boring conveyor-belt type of job.

Anyway,  while the sewing machine was set up I decided to update the

TAST and Sunday Stitch School Reference Charts
with text.
I had worked all the stitches, but not put on labels.
With a word-processing software I typed the numbers and names, then printed that information onto iron-on fabric, and pressed fusable web onto the back.
I cut the labels up and ironed them into each cell on the chart.
From experience I know that the glue of the fusable web does not withstand constant use of the chart, so I stitched the numbers and names down with nylon thread.

Both the TAST and Sunday Stitch School Reference Charts are now updated.

Crazy for Crazy
I have started on the beading but only added a handful so far.

Cathedral Windows
I counted the 'panes' on the leaded grid I completed last week, and found I needed 31 pieces of 'glass'.

I cut out squares of batik and arranged them on the grid.

 Each square is pinned down and the black 'lead' edges are turned over.
This naturally forms the arch that makes the Cathedral Windows pattern so beautiful.

So far I have stitched down 12 out of the 31 pieces of glass.
I hope to have all done by next WIPW so that I can start exploring the second method of making cathedral Windows.


FlashinScissors said...

Gosh! Well done with the chart! Thanks for the tips on how to make the labels ..... that looks a lot of work!
The chart looks great! So much easier to find what you want when all the stitches are to hand like that!
Your windows are looking beautiful! Love the beads you’ve added to the crazy block!
Barbara xx

Pamela said...

Your window fabrics are beautiful!

Shasta Matova said...

All three of your projects are so exquisite. I really like that you labeled the stitches. It will really serve as a wonderful reference.

Rachel said...

That will be a very useful chart. And you may not have added many beads, but they are the right colour and in the right place - looking good!

crazyQstitcher said...

What a productive and very satisfying week you have had. Print naming your stitches makes it so easy for viewing.

The beads compliment the Chain stitch and the batik make lovely panes for the Cathedral windows.
A very pleasing week for you I am sure.

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Your stitch chart is such a clever idea, and will be such a useful reference! I love the sparkle the beads add to your quilt block, and the cathedral windows look so pretty with the batik fabric 😊

Janie said...

Great progress! The beads are beautifully irridescent.
And nice stitching in your cathedral window project.
Your labeling method works perfect for your reference chart, too.