Wednesday, 21 November 2018

WIPW - The Front Completed

Work In Progress Wednesday, or should I call one part of this blog post, Wednesday Wind Up, as today contains a finish. That is one out of three areas that need to be finished before the end of January.

I am of course talking about
Cathedral Windows
and the 31 inserts for the front of the bag I am making:
Next step will be the sides and here I will use the sewing machine to construct the basic 'origami'.

I wanted to make a bag that can be turned into a cushion, by stuffing a cushion filling inside. Just as I did the Mola bag. As you can see many of the batik scraps I used for the Mola bag have been used on the Cathedral Window, too. Don't they look friendly with Trinity Green, the green quilt made up of small triangles?

Crazy for Crazy
I made a set of Buttonhole Stitch, then added Bugle Beads and Straight Stitch.
I also couched down a strand of thick curly wool, in something that could be a single row of Cloud Filling.

It was not difficult to find thread for this week's homework - I had a whole bagful to chose from! You see,  I have this generous friend who shared some of her beautiful thread collection with me. In the bag there were also Shisha mirrors, tatting and small lace ornaments, as well as lace and braid, and the most beautiful silk fabric.

Aren't I lucky!?


  1. Yes, You are lucky! All the mix of color, threads and embellishments, fun time.
    Your friend is generous.
    I like your little cloud stitches and button hole stitch with bugle beads.
    CQ block is looking wonderfully embellished.

  2. Fabulous cathedral piece. Love your batiks. Your crazy patch is beautiful, have fun rummaging through the threads.

  3. The Mola and Cathedral Windows are talking to each other very nicely!

  4. That is so beautiful ... but how could it not be with all that lovely thread for inspiration.

  5. Your windows are so pretty! Great idea to make the two bags/cushions so they are coordinated. The quilt makes a super backdrop for the two.


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