Wednesday, 16 August 2017

WIPW 17/37

The progress on

Trinity Green 

I have made is quilting five strips.
I now have 17 out of 37, so there are 20 more to go. Sigh!

No need to comment.


  1. It's all progress, even if seemingly at a snail's pace!

  2. Small steps add up! I certainly don't mind I get more time to enjoy
    the greens and blues and variations in your quilt.
    Trinity Green is deep like the ocean.

  3. But look how lovely the quilting is>

  4. I am sure it will turn out gorgeous! Kisses, my friend.

  5. It is progressing well think how far you have come since you cut out the first triangles you are nearly at the end of the amazing creation

  6. The quilt will be finished before you know it, it is looking great so far

  7. Such a variety of colours in the 'green' quilt and the quilting is lovelyl

  8. Sometimes almost there is worse than starting out but think of the enjoyment when it's complete...and while it is in the making we can all enjoy the tantalizing images.
    Considering the dreadful weather in Tokyo, you have done exceedingly well with the quilt.


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