Friday, 18 August 2017

Friday Homework for Lesson 32: Chinese Cross Stitch

Oh, the Chinese Cross Stitch was a fun stitch to work!

On the linen I had a wee bit of trouble as the thread and fabric are of similar shades.

Real enjoyment was had on making this funky free form embroidery, though.

I placed French Knots and beads in some of the squares.


  1. Replies
    1. Try it on a cq seam, if you still have room on your wip!

  2. Chinese cross stitch hmmm. It looks like it is written in kanji .

  3. loving the white work piece and the funky form works well too

  4. A happy group of Chinese Characters. White on white sometimes tests a person's patience. Looks perfect to me.

  5. The freeform version looks like lots of fun! A country dance in stitchery...

  6. Well, that stitch is a great success.

  7. That stitch looks great formal or free form.
    Beautiful work, Queenie.

  8. This stitch worked on linen and worked free form look very good. yet to restart my routine.

  9. I've seen this stitch before, but never tried it. I think it's perfect for freestyle embroidery. I like your stitches on the red fabric.


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