Thursday, 21 August 2014

WIPW - TAST Marathon

WIPW followers are in for a treat this week. Sharon has some stunning work. Go to Pintangle to check it out, read others' blogs and why not join in the fun.

My Work In Progress Wednesday report this week includes:

a) progress on the Swedish wool embroidery collar
b) an amendment; I forgot to report on some TAST stitches for the Swedish Cushion
c) a stitch marathon of 16 TAST stitches on the Swedish Cushion - I have almost reached the Finishing Line
d) TAST reference chart

Swedish Wool Embroidery Collar
Yet another flower has sprung forth.

An Amendment
I should have included these TAST stitches in a previous blog post about the Swedish Cushion but totally forgot about it while in the UK.

#39 Italian Border Stitch in green
#41 Closed Base Picot in orange
#119 Woven Trellis Stitch in dark orange

Swedish Cushion
Now for the work I put in this week, a real stitch marathon, 16 stitches!!!
Inside the Sailors Edge circles I used TAST #18 Half Chevron as a filling stitch
In the middle #91 Straight Sided Feather
On the left #92 Crossed Feather (purple and yellow)
On the right #93 Plaited Feather (light pink and yellow)
From the left:
a) #81 Raised Chain, version 2
b) #117 Bullion Vandyke (still can't do them neatly!!!)
c) #44 Portuguese Border 
d) #124 Closed Herringbone
Look at the red and blue stitches:
Left: #120 Double Herringbone Stitch
Right: #121 Twisted Lattice Band
Purple stitches in #26 Up and Down Buttonhole
Light green stitches in #126 Alternating Up and Down Buttonhole
Leaf: #105 Alternating Buttonhole Cable Chain
Fruit: #104 Buttonhole Cable Chain
 Purple stitches on teal ribbon: #122 Chained Bar
 Purple on teal ribbon: #123 Woven Chained Bar
Almost completed! 
114 TAST stitches!
Left to do is only one stitch, #65 Buttonhole Bar and I will not include the 13 beaded stitches.

TAST Reference Chart
I added these Beaded Herringbone Stitches #125 to my reference chart.


  1. Queenie........What can I say ! You have excelled yourself with the amount of work you have put in and my oh my wasn't it worth it....So very well done ! The textures and colours are stunning........I am in awe of your beautiful masterpiece and envious of your 'staying power'........Well done dear friend....fabulous ! ! ! Love the new 'cultivar' on the collar too.....
    Chris Richards

    1. I am getting a bit impatient. I have been working on this cushion for over a year and it is time to finish it off and start a new project. I had the time so put in the energy.

  2. Great progress!! It looks like you've had a lot of time to stitch. Looks good.

    1. I did have the time. Many friends are back to work so I have the days free for embroidery and 'play' at night.

  3. Your work is always lovely and inspirational! I love the way you have incorporated the TAST stitches into your Swedish cushion.

    1. It is nice to have a project where you 'must' use the TAST stitches we have learned. As there are no beaded stitches on the cushion, I am planning a new project, especially for those stitches.

  4. a lovely flower you have added to the collar and I now can see it all in my mind having seen the `real thing` in Birmingham. The cushion is looking wonderful and again have such a clear picture of that in my mind, good to see you have shared the whole piece here too, it is going to be the most wonderful cushion when complete, so many beautifully stitched stitches.

    1. It was so nice to have someone see the cushion in reality and 'approve' of the work I have done. I now feel it is time to finish it off and start something new. If I remember correctly Sharon said there would be around 400 stitches in TAST so we have plenty of new 'cushions' or other projects to practice on!

  5. OK! My eyes can hardly keep up!
    Some of those looked like the weed flowers I have just been pulling.
    Only kidding. Nice going!

    1. Well, you mentioned how quickly the weeds 'take over' your neighbourhood and your life so I thought I would catch on and sprout some stitch weed on the cushion, ha, ha.
      Take care in the heat, dear friend.

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you! Don't expect to see this amount of work in next week's post!

  7. That's a serious amount of stitching, your fingers must be numb. I love the little flower on your collar, at the rate you're currently working, you'll soon have an entire garland.

    1. Yes, there are enough flowers now to make a garland, but I will add a number of small flowers in between, and yes, my fingers are a bit numb, but that is nothing compared with my brain! I had to check and double check that I did not miss any stitches or add ones that were already on the cushion...

  8. Looks like you've had a productive week. I adore those flowers that keep springing out.

    1. I don't think I have ever worked as hard to add stitches to a project, but I really wanted to see the end of this TAST sampler as summer is coming to an end and I have worked on this cushion for over a year now...

  9. What fantastic stitching, the cushion is looking lovely now that it is nearly finished, is it going to take pride of place in your home?

    1. Yes, it will be on display in my 'work space' so that I can easily refer to it in need of inspiration and fancy stitches.

  10. Wow, you have squeezed so many stitches in your cushion, great work! But the new flower on yur collar is my favourite, it reminds me of a dragonfly!

    1. Yes, I too, thought of a dragonfly as soon as the flower was completed. The next flower is more 'flora' and 'fauna'.

  11. What an inspirational sampler your cushion would be for students to see up close.

    I find stitching with wool is relaxing as it not only looks great finished but is easy to use. The flower is lovely.
    I could spend lots of time examining each photo - most likely too much LOL, and enjoy everything. It is impossible to have a favourite as each is so good.

  12. When you write flattering words like that I just wish my stitches were neat enough for real close up photos!
    I will have to think up what font to use for the text (year and initials or something) around the Dala Horse on the cushion.

  13. Beautiful Beautiful cushion. nice application of the stitches.

    1. Thank you. It has been great fun to select where to put each stitch, but I find I often can not name the various stitches... Forever the student! Sigh!


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