Wednesday, 1 May 2013

WIPW - Saftglas

'Work In Progress Wednesday'; it's a great way to keep up with your stitching work. Go to Pintangle and have a look at Sharon's completed Lacy Crazy Quilt block, and the Comments, to see others' progress.

My report is on quilt in progress, Kafferepet

Last week I talked about the coffee pot and how coffee used to be prepared. Some of the guests at the party might want another drink, tea for example. The tea culture in Sweden has changed a lot recently but it used to be a bit 'primitive'. Water was boiled, not in a kettle but, in a saucepan on the cooker, and then poured over a tea bag. Loose leaf tea for me, please, so on this quilt there is nothing for the tea drinker, I'm afraid.

Now what about the children, who wouldn't drink tea or coffee? They are often given a glass of this:

and it is NOT a Campari Soda!!!

No, this is 'hallonsaft', hallon = raspberry, and saft = squash.
You boil the berries with sugar and water and then strain the drink. The concentrate is bottled, then before serving a bit of it is diluted with water, and sometimes an ice cube is added.

I first decorated this appliquéd glass with a straw (you can still see the needle marks) but last night changed my mind and stitched on some ice instead.

I also have a pink rose on the border to show:


  1. Oh, so very pretty. The ice looks real and you can't even see those applique stitches!

  2. This is so pretty. Did you dye the iceblock fabric?

    1. No, there are two pieces of organza, one pink, one silvery white. Both have been folded many times to make a 'cubical' look.

  3. Hopefully it is NOT a Campari! I admire your invisible stitches! Your flower is beautiful!

  4. lol - love that bit of ice, and the shading

  5. Love your pink rose, the fabrics are very pretty!

  6. I can taste those raspberrys!

  7. I truly love your work...always!

  8. Your rose is lovely! What nice little tails you have from the past it is so important not to forget them.

  9. The ice cube looks very dimensional, there even seems to be a shadow.

  10. that brink sounds really refreshing and your rose is a delight Queenie.


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