Saturday, 25 May 2013

TAST #67 Fancy Hem Stitch

In the beginning of May, Sharon of Pintangle blogged about her Sampler Band and showed us a section with a fantastic stitch, Fancy Hem Stitch. In answer to our request she added it to the list of TAST stitches. Thank you, Sharon.

TAST #67 is therefore the beautiful Fancy Hem Stitch.
Here on my sampler:

On Sharon's Sampler Band she used it as a filling stitch, which is very attractive.

I thought I'd use it in a curve, and made these lines:

For a bit of extra glitz I also stitched two parallel lines with metallic thread and then added some golden beads.


  1. That is drop dead fantastic!

  2. you have taken this stitch further Queenie and it looks great.

  3. How lovely with the added beads!

  4. This is just wonderful. It looks so festive :)

  5. I like the idea of the curved stitches with the beads, lovely!

  6. Another interesting stitch.


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