Sunday, 12 May 2013

TAST #65 Buttonhole Bar, and a Pink Pinks Doggy for Mummy

This week's TAST stitch, #65, is the Buttonhole Bar. For instructions click here.
I think it is a dangerous stitch - highly addictive, and you should think twice before you give it a try, as it is almost impossible to stop once you get hooked.
Having said that, I have been very busy finishing off the Miniature quilt (picture won't be posted until after the show, sorry) for the Festival of Quilts, which will be held in Birmingham in August, so there has been no time to be a 'stitchaholic' in the Buttonhole Bar.

These are the stitches I added to my sampler:

Here is a variation with beaded picots I made several years ago and  they are part of the decoration on a photo frame:

Today is Mothering Sunday in Japan.
Mothers all over the country are honoured with gifts. The modern child will give a piece of clothing, or treat Mum to a meal in a restaurant or even a new haircut or other beauty treatment.
Traditionally, though, THE gift is a bouquet of carnations. The Japanese are famous for arranging flowers and love 'cute' things. So what do you say to this arrangement of a Pink Pinks Doggy for Mummy:
(pinks is another name for carnation/dianthus)


  1. I was supposed to get the lunch treat but choir practice went on and on ... as I had figured it would. We decided to wait until the dust settles and visit the Hydrangea festival at Toshimaen. Probably next month when I have a wee bit more time to spare. That pink arrangement is so Japanese! They didn't teach that style at Sogetsu.

  2. So Cute. Happy mother's Day!

  3. I love that flower arrangement. I love the stitching as well.

  4. what an amazing doggie basket, it really is a work of art
    Great tast stitch Queenie, I must make an effort and catch up sometime

  5. Nice stitching Queenie! I love the doggie basket it is so unusual, it is such a lovely present to get.

  6. This pink flower puppy in a basket is really cute !!!!Any mom would love to get one like this.


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