Friday, 17 May 2013

TAST #66 Coral Stitch

Here is a TAST stitch I am well familiar with, #66 Coral Stitch. It is much easier to do than the Scroll Stitch and immediately inspired me to work another piece for my Sumptuous Surface Embroidery sampler journal.

When I turned the work over and saw the straight stitches that had formed on the back I liked them so much that I worked quite a number of lines on the back to be displayed on the front as 'Back to Front Corals'.

These are the stitches I added to my TAST sampler

A couple of years ago I made a small quilt, 50x50 cm for the Yokohama International Quilt Week's Miniature contest. It is a 'fake' crazy quilt, a pattern of irregular crazy pieces painted with crayon onto a single piece of fabric and then embroidered on the 'seams'. Some seams have the Coral treatment:
If you want to see more examples of Coral stitches, or want to join in the fun of Take A Stitch Tuesday, click here.


  1. I love the coral stitch sampler, your patterns and colours have created somethinf beautiful.

  2. I like your little sampler, coral stitch looks like a fun stitch to experiment. Wish I had the time to thread my needle and stitch something!

  3. I like the way you have mounted your sample on a card with all the relivant information. Are you making a book of the stitches.

  4. Back to front coral stitches - great idea. I like the journal. Do you have it in a binder or a bound book or...?

  5. this is such a colourful sample Queenie very nice indeed

  6. I like your coral stitch sampler, the colors are beautiful

  7. your applique work looks very appealing.interpretation of scroll stitch as writing was very beautiful.anyway your all work is beautiful

  8. Your sumptuous surface sampler must be great. I like this page. Did you draw it yourself? Wonderful way to keep it and look it up. Your sampler of the coral stitch is very colourful and nice.


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