Tuesday 28 November 2023

QUILT SHOW in Yokohama, Part 1

November is a busy month for quilt shows. Last Friday I attended the show in Yokohama that is now run by Japan Quilt Society. 

I reported on their show in March here and here.

This show in November was divided into contests for Miniature, Traditional, Japanese (Wa),  Creative, Junior and Group quilts.

There was a section for international quilts, mainly from Korea and China.

There was a section for quilts from European countries.

First, let's look at some quilts from the contest:

This little quilt measures 40 x 40 cm and was made by 
Satoko Kase * 加瀬サト子

A Rising Star measures 60 x 60 cm. 
It was made by Atsuko Ichikawa * 市川亜都子

Makiko Toda *戸田真紀子 
made a sweet little quilt in blue and white, 48.5 x 48.5 cm

This was inspired by a Meissen china elephant, maybe something like this
Midori Miyake*三宅みどり

Yosuke *洋輔 made his own version of the World Map.
Below are details of Japan. You can see a sumo wrestler, sushi, a samurai warrior's armour and maybe a geisha?

Here is another map - of Hawaii.
Junko Ishihara*石原淳子

The quilt spells out the word Joker, but the title of the quilt is Trump Trump.
(Trump is the Japanese word for playing cards.)
Yasuko Yubisui*指吸快子

Hiroko Takita*瀧田裕子

Noriko Shimano * 島野徳子
The woven areas ARE woven!

Highly structured yet soft by
Ayuko Katayama *片山あゆ子

Which shoes shall I wear today?
Yukiko Maruhama *丸濱由紀子

Black and white (and a bit of yellow) for the Four Seasons
Etsuko Ishitobi *石飛悦子

A masterpiece by Sachiko Chiba *千葉幸子
Please note, that it received no award nor a rosette in spite of being large, hanging absolutely straight and being impeccably hand-quilted.

Reiko Naganuma *長沼玲子

Best of Show went to 
Junko Hiranuma *平沼淳子

Mitsuko Sugimoto *杉本美津子 
used old kimono fabric which she machine quilted. 
For this, she received 2nd prize

Masa Yagimoto *柳本眞佐 
landed the 3rd prize.

To be continued...


Rachel said...

That tea service! Oh my word, what an astonishing achievement!

Janie said...

Thanks for sharing! I think the details on Highly Structured are amazing! Quilting as playtime.

Pamela said...

Such creative quilt artists! The shoes are very cute!

Angela said...

Amazing work. I don't think I have ever seen a map quilt before.