Sunday, 7 August 2022

Sunday Stitch School - Revision Stitches 216 - 220

We have completed another set of five stitches, 216 - 220, and it is time to review them and make a Sunbonnet Sue sampler. What will she be up to this time, do you think?

If you click the name of each stitch below, a link will take you to the instructions.

216 New England Stitch

This is such an elegant stitch. Use variegated thread and it becomes vibrant and alive.

217 Simplified Rice Stitch

Instead of four stitches across the arms of the large cross, which would make it a Rice Stitch, the simplified version has only two. Where you place them and how long you make them is up to you.

218 Pointed Tip Buttonhole Knot Flower

This is an Indian floral stitch. It is simple to make and stunning to look at, do give it a try. Perfect for both petals and leaves.

219 Two-sided Italian Cross Stitch

The name is misgiving, there are at least three sides with a Straight Stitch, but if you use it as a filling canvas stitch you have four sides. So shouldn't it be called a Boxed-In Cross? Be that as it may, this stitch is beautiful.

220 Back Stitched Herringbone Stitch

Three cheers for Sharon Boggon and Pintangle. Here is a nice version of Herringbone Stitch, as recently seen on her blog.


Make a Sunbonnet Sue in action. Here is a hint.


  1. I can't wait to see what Sue gets up to!

  2. The suspense! What drama will Sue be involved in? And the 'hint' colors are orange and green? Do I see someone in a hazmat suit, O Dear!

  3. Does the Two Sided Stitch look the same on the back?

  4. Hint? Carrot salad? I'm trying not to jump ahead and look!


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