Sunday, 3 July 2022

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 216: New England Stitch

Evening all, I hope you are having a good Sunday.

Here is the next stitch for you to try, New England Stitch is what Shannon of  Badasscrossstitch calls it. She is not sure of the origin of the stitch and if it has an official name. Read more at her site and see the excellent instructions. If you have any information about this stitch, please don't hesitate to let Shannon or me know.

You can follow my photo series here:

If you need lines to aid you, mark the design with an erasable ink pen.

Take a Straight Stitch to the centre of the flower.
Coach the Straight Stitch down twice.
Make a short Straight Stitch at the tip of the petal,

then come out at the middle of the flower.

Thread the tiny Straight Stitch and go down at the 

centre again, thus making a petal.

Repeat with the other two petals.

Make another coached down Straight Stitch.

Go on until you have reached the length you require.

Remove the marks of ink with a cotton swab and water.

Neat or what?!


  1. It is an orderly stitch and looks like it could be made big or smaller. It would be a nice seam.

  2. It's like a Kimono pattern and gits beautiful.

  3. Very pretty! It's a lovely delicate stitch.


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