Wednesday, 26 May 2021

WIPW - Getting Closer

Work In Progress Wednesday - well there is only one regular project that I am working on at the moment. That is of course the bed size log cabin quilt/bed cover, fondly called

Crazy for Crazy

I stitched together 36 blocks in units of 12, the three on the right.

All five units were then joined together,

and his picture proves there are more blocks that need to be added!

This sea of teal might seem endless, but  I AM getting closer to finishing the flimsy.


  1. You’ve made great progress. It is really pretty.

  2. Those blocks are so tiny and dainty! I love the teal and how you've been able to make so many different fabrics work with it. Beautiful work! -Andrea

  3. Beautiful quilt, peaceful tones which draw the eyes to the different blocks and fabrics.

  4. It is so beautiful!!! How are you going to quilt this?

  5. Wow, you really are getting close! So beautiful.

  6. You are getting close, but it must occasionally seem endless!


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