Sunday, 2 May 2021

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 169: Kerman Stitch

I found this Persian stitch used in Kerman embroidery on the website of Arts and Design.

If I have understood it correctly Kerman Stitch is often used in Pateh embroidery on woollen shawls. The stitches are worked so densely they fill every bit of the fabric underneath, and you would think it is a Long and Short Stitch.

It is easy, and I assume it would be a good filling stitch for Canvas Work, too.

Work Kerman Stitch like this:

Here they are spaced and can be seen as individual stitches.

These are a bit closer together,

and here they are packed together.

Add to the three usual samplers, and
why not on the Canvas Sampler, too.


  1. I haven’t seen this stitch before. I like it!

  2. You show such interesting stitches!

  3. Yes, Kerman stitch would make an excellent packed fill-in stitch.
    and your Croatian stitches are a good addition to your sample pieces.

  4. Hmm, yes, that would make a good full-coverage stitch. Interesting indeed!

  5. It looks like a Y. I've not seen this one before [that I can remember]

  6. A fun stitch, it looks like a wonky Y.


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