Sunday 9 May 2021

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 170: Danish Knotted Cross Stitch

Welcome to have a look at Sunday Stitch School's stitch No 170, which I have called Danish Knotted Cross Stitch. 

I found it in Totsuka Embroidery Stitch Book #6 (戸塚刺しゅうステッチBook 6. 

There is no official name in the book, so I made a descriptive name, Danish Knotted Cross Stitch, as this is a combination of a Cross Stitch and a Danish Knot Stitch, the latter is a stitch we did long ago!

Work it like this:

Make a Cross Stitch.

Come out above the middle of the cross.

Don't pick up any of the fabric.

Tighten the loop a bit,
then make the knot on the other side.

Anchor above the line.

Is it a bug, I wonder?!

Several in a row make a nice line.
Of course you can first make all the crosses and then do the knots in a different colour or thread.
This is a stitch with possibilities.

Make these samplers 'bug infested'.


Angela said...

I definitely see little bugs! Love it!

crazyQstitcher said...

This stitch looks good..and another easy one too.

Janie said...

When I saw your Danish Knot in brown it reminded me of bats in flight!

Rachel said...

Definitely bugs! I wonder where I can fit them into something... said...

Yes I can see a little bug.