Wednesday, 4 November 2020

WIPW - A Nice Button

Work In Progress Wednesday. This is the weekly progress report.

Tvistsöm Cushion

I am working on row number 72.

Log Cabin Challenge

There was only time to make five new blocks. Total count is 285.

Freeform Embroidery

This wallhanging is now completed with backing and a narrow binding. I had to add a few new stitches in the upper top to fill out space between the embroidery and the binding.

I am happy to have this project ticked off the WIP list, but must say it was very enjoyable to repeat again and again, stitches learned from TAST and Sunday Stitch School - I would say it was a nice scribble cloth.

Crazy for Crazy

I made another Shirtwaist Button and found it easier this time round. Compare them and see that I managed more even spacing between the bars. I also used metallic gold instead of the antique perle (salvaged from my grandmother's sewing box, i.e. OLD) that has a tendency to become fluffy.

The crazy quilt octagon block: I stitched down the pieces, removed the basting thread, embellished with German Knotted Braid, Indian Herringbone and started some Indian Edging stitches.


  1. Your finished wall hanging is beautiful, such wonderful stitching of so many varieties.

  2. Yes, the second button is much more even - practice makes perfect, and all that!

  3. I could never tire of your beautiful Freeform as there so much to see. It's like an I Spy. I still see a swimming mermaid in the wealth of stitches. You must have been patient to weave the buttons. I have the needs to make some but would start with a very simple one. The octagon block looks good too.

  4. Congratulations on your freeform embroidery project finish, it's a beauty.
    Progress on your other pieces looks great, the last row on your Tvistom cushion project is straight and true.

  5. How wonderful when one can say 'finished'. And this one is wonderful.

  6. I just LOVE that button! A Star of David! It is so wonderful!!! I'd love to try that...


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