Sunday, 22 November 2020

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 153: Alternating Chained Buttonhole Stitch

Here is a another beautiful, and easy, linear stitch suitable for plants. 

Alternating Chained Buttonhole Stitch is similar to the Zig-zag Petal Stitch, but is quicker and a smart way to make a stem and leaves/flower buds at the same time. The stem is also thinner than that of the Zig-zag Petal Stitch.

It was Deepa of 'This and that... my random thoughts' who taught me this stitch, here is a link to her blog with pictures. Do visit!

Stitch it like this:

Begin with making a loop.

Anchor the top of the loop,
come out inside the bottom of
the loop, at the stem.

Make a new loop in the other direction,

anchor, and continue.

You can of course change
the angle of the loops, and 
end the stem with a single leaf/bud.

How about letting a creeper grow wild on these samplers?


  1. Welcome back to teaching, Queenie. Good to know you are feeling better. The stitch looks familiar but different in the making. I'll begin playing tomorrow.

  2. I like the alternating feature of this stitch.

  3. Yes, that will make a great creeper!


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