Sunday, 6 September 2020

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 145: Roll Chain Stitch

Hello, and welcome to try out a Chain Stitch variation - the Roll Chain Stitch. It is also known as Shell Chain Stitch.

I first found it on a Japanese blog, published by Miharu-san. The post is all in Japanese, but the pictures are very clear and easy to understand. Click here to check.

You can also find several videos on YouTube.

Anyway here are my pictures and commentary:

I suggest using Perle or another thread with a good twist.

Take the thread out of the fabric.

Place the needle on top of the fabric, next to where the thread came out.

Press down your thumb and hold tight.

Start wrapping the thread round the  needle, I used five wraps.

Push the wraps together, place under your thumb and hold tight while pulling through.

Insert the needle at the base of the stitch, take it out at the top,
place the thread under the needle to make a parallel Chain Stitch.

Now make a new stitch in the same way.

Insert the needle inside the first chain, come out at the top of the second stitch, 
place the thread underneath the needle to make another Chain Stitch.

Continue in the same way.

When you have finished, anchor the last stitch.

By all means, keep better tension than I have done!

Add Roll Chain Stitch to these three samplers.

I made this blog post using Blogger's new interface. I certainly hope the published result is better than the Preview! 
WHY must things that have worked well for a long time, have to be changed? Is it just for the sake of change? I can certainly not see any improvement with the new interface! Sigh!   


  1. I like the look of this stitch, but I think it looks difficult.

    I’m still using the legacy version. I agree, why change what is working?

  2. It looks like a nice stitch but not as fast to do as regular chain stitch.

  3. That's a fun new stitch. I like to see how a stitch can be changed by varying the tension, different threads, etc.
    Your raised daisies look good.

  4. Oooh, that's different - not at all like the Shell Chain I know. Very intriguing indeed!

  5. That's a fun stitch, but not easy to do I think. Looking forward to see your samples.

  6. It looks very complicated but it does seem to add a lot of texture! I see dew drops on the side of a leaf!

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