Tuesday, 28 April 2020

WIPW - Grateful to My Friends

This is the last Work In Progress Wednesday report for April.

Freeform Embroidery
I filled some void spaces with the following stitches: Corded Coral, Oyster and Figure 8.

Crazy for Crazy
 I assembled the new crazy quilt octagon block and dug out ornaments and buttons in purple and sharp violets/pink.
The beautiful lace bows and spray of flowers have travelled here all the way from Australia.
Some of the thread and the three pieces of patterned fabric have also made a journey, from the UK.
The buttons are salvaged from old clothes, but the pack of small Chinese knots were bought several years ago at Kanda Craft in Bakurocho (do you remember our outing Julie?)
This cq block will be packed with memories of good times with great friends!

Log Cabin Challenge
With Corona Watch on the News buzzing in the background I have made 10 new blocks. Total count now stands at 37 blocks.


  1. 10 new Log Cabin blocks, very industrious! They look great.
    And more stitches in your freeform project, I like the oyster stitch today.
    Very attractive colors to work with in your new CC block, beautiful.

  2. A block full of memories, for sure!

  3. That is going to be one fine memory block! Your memory is much better than mine. I seldom remember where I got things unless I put them to use right away. I went back to Ginza Itoya to find a new paper diary as that was where I got the one I have filled up over the years. They didn't have the same one, but they had a good one the same size without lined pages. I like your log cabin blocks. I have used log cabin in a quilt with more traditional blocks and have been thinking of trying something different. I saw some diamond shape ones put into a star ... but then, what? I need more inspiration while I have time on my hands.

  4. Your log cabins look great. Lucious colors! Wonderful progress on your other projects too.

  5. Your log cabin block pile is growing!

    I love all the purple embroidery threads you have there. And all so organized! I have a bin of tangled threads and if I need a color I paw around until I find something. If I can't get it untangled then it gets tossed. My thread bin still seems pretty full!


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