Sunday, 27 May 2018

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 62: Pearl Stitch

For an easy and attractive linear stitch I offer you Sunday Stitch School's stitch #62, the Pearl Stitch.
The Swedish name is Knapphålsstygn På Högkant! A mouthful in any language!
Updated: French names, Point Perlé, Point de Perle, Point Mille Pattes

I have found Pearl Stitch or Pearl Knot Stitch in these books, but they vary slightly in the instructions.

My favorite instruction is online at Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials.

Work it from right to left,
like this:

The result when worked over three vertical holes, or two, on this Aida.

Aida Sampler
SSS Reference Chart
A rectangular line on the linen cloth


  1. I haven't used this stitch before. Looks interesting.

    1. Easy and knobbly. You can vary the length of both vertical and horisontal parts, so many looks can be achieved.

  2. I remember working this stitch early on. I've never managed to make it look like it does in the books!

    1. The longer the stitches are the more difficult it is to get it to look neat. I prefer the very tight rope like look of short stitches.

  3. A nice looking stitch on the Aida fabric.

    1. Yes, it is nice to find a stitch that works on Aida!

  4. Je n'ai rien trouvé de précis pour ce point
    Il y a toujours une petite variation
    - dans le M. Thomas : point perlé
    et dans d'autres livres :
    - point de perle
    - point mille pattes

    1. First, here is Google translation:
      I did not find anything specific for this point
      There is always a small variation
      - in Mr Thomas: beaded stitch
      and in other books:
      - pearl point
      - centipede point

      Oh, I like the names beaded stitch, centipede stitch!

  5. Great stitching Queenie.
    I love seeing your stitch collection together on
    the different fabrics.
    Very nice.

    1. Having a variety of samplers you can see how a particular stitch behaves on these various pieces of fabric. I love Aida as the holes are easy to find, but many stitches don't sit well on such a grid-fabric.
      I like this stitch, it is fun and easy on any fabric.


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