Sunday, 20 May 2018

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 61: Raised Fishbone Stitch

In my neck of the woods the trees are showing off their new leaves, so I thought we should do a leaf-shaped stitch today.

Here is Raised Fishbone Stitch,
and I hope the pictures are enough to explain the way to stitch it.

Beware, this stitch is certainly a thread-eater!

Mattia tells me the two names in French are:
Point d'arête en relief
Point de passé plat croisé 

SSS Reference Chart
Teal tailoring wool scribble cloth
Aida sampler, if possible.


  1. It's a useful stitch, and creates a nicely raised effect.

    1. I like the look of it, but feel it is very wasteful!

  2. I have used this stitch and you are right, it is a thread-eater.

  3. Ce point a plusieurs noms en français,
    plus généralement il est appelé :
    - Point d'arête en relief
    Dans le Mary Thomas il est appelé
    - point de passé plat croisé (crossed satin stitch)

    1. Thank you Mattia. I have now updated the blog post.

  4. I use your post as reference - looking for a stitch for leaves I found the raised fishbone stitch. Thank you Queenie for this fantastic possibility to find my stitches here. Your index helped a lot!


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