Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday - Corners

It's Wednesday again and for WIPW (head over to Pintangle to see), I have managed to complete decorating the corner ornaments on the bias tape quilt. This is what they looked like before:

This is how they look now:

I made this look by using metallic quilting thread, chain and zig-zag chain stitches, and small white pearls.

On the Crazy Quilt block I have only added a row of Italian Border stitches:


  1. Looks like a harp or lyre. :-)

  2. you are a good girl Queenie keeping up with your UFO`s, amazingly I only have oner piece unfinished and that is a hardanger table runner, all done except the fancy work and my brain is still thinking about what to do on it, how much to cut etc.

  3. Love how you have embellish the corners
    Well done.

  4. The corner ornaments look much lovely now. Simple chain stitches make the difference here and the pearls of course.

  5. I like the stitches you added to your bias tape quilt!

  6. I love the stitches you have used in this piece.


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